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Matildas playing with skin ripped off their feet

“We’re so happy that we’re playing this world cup on a synthetic pitch and not grass” – SAID NO ONE EVER!

The Matildas are playing with burnt feet due to the surfaces in Canada. Striker Michelle Heyman – who hasn’t even had that much game time compared to other players – says the bottom of the players feet are disgusting.

“You can’t really get a grip so you’re feet are sliding around in your boots because they’re that hot and kind of sweaty.

“You wouldn’t want to see the bottom of our feet after a game. They just turn white. The skin is all ripped off, it’s pretty disgusting.

“It’s like walking on hot coals with your skin ripping and slowly cracking, constantly.”

Before leaving for the world cup the Matildas experimented in camp with different socks that were made to absorb heat but due to sponsorship agreements they are unable to wear them.

Heyman: “It was quite warm in January when we were doing our prep for this (world cup on a synthetic pitch) back in Canberra. It was around this temperature (31C) as well.

“We kind of had different socks to try to work on that (reducing burns to feet) but there’s not much you can do.

“We have to toughen up.”

The Matildas have been dealing with the pain by covering their feet with blister soothing bandages during and after matches.

Heyman said that the burns are more of an issue than niggling injuries.

“It’s more of a mental game because you know it’s going to hurt, you’re feet are going to rip apart.

“But it’s a world cup, we need to focus on our goal and that’s to come away with a win.

“I don’t think cuts on our feet are going to bother us too much.”

The temperature is expected to reach 31 degrees on Sunday when the Matildas play Japan in the quarter final. That’s not over the top for Aussies but add a hot pitch to that and already banged up feet and the girls will really need to knuckle down and get on with the job.


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