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Lael Kassem cops it from social media

Every time a mainstream media outlet runs a women’s sports story on social media, I cringe.

I’m grateful (and a little surprised) that the post has been made and sportswomen are receiving coverage, but then I start to prepare myself for reading the comments.

The latest sportswoman to come under fire from the social media armchair critics is Western Wolves AFL player Lael Kassem.

In a recent game, Kassem was playing for NSW/ACT and kicked a contender for goal of the year.

The video footage was widely shared and even made it to the Fox Footy and AFL Facebook pages.

“I honestly had no idea that it would go virall! It’s insane,” Kassem told Sportzgirlz.

“Any video that gets shared and viewed involving female footy is great for the expansion of our game.”

Have a look.

Although the video received loads of positive comments, there’s always those that have to put an unnecessary negative spin on the whole thing.

These comments from the Fox Footy Facebook page.

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I’m all for criticism when it’s there to be said but there is absolutely no need to attack someone’s gender or religion or anything personal for that matter. It’s not okay to say these things over social media or life in general.

It makes me wonder if these keyboard warriors that hide behind their computers and mobile devices have ever had a friend of the opposite sex, or who might have different religious beliefs, or even just a friend who’s a woman that plays sport.

Kassem says it doesn’t affect her and she prefers to focus on the positives.

“To be honest, I don’t read any of the comments on public pages.

“I’m very shy and dislike reading so many comments about myself, but I have heard that there has been a few negative comments.

“I believe we as people grow through criticism and constructive feedback, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

“However the criticism needs to be valid and not one of ignorance or bigotry.

“They need to realize their negative comments only reflects their prejudice and intolerance, and less about the people involved in the video.

“It’s sad because if they had the open mind to actually listen – they could learn and reflect and hopefully shift their perspective.”



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