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Founded in 2014 and launched in March 2015, Sportzgirlz is a website dedicated to providing media coverage to Australia’s sportswomen. We aim to combine expert opinions with the latest news and original content. Sportzgirlz will be your go-to site to catch up on everything our sportswomen have been up to and the great achievements they are making each day.

The idea to start Sportzgirlz came to me on a flight from Sydney to Hobart when I picked up the newspaper to read. After flicking straight to the back (don’t all sports lovers read the newspaper back to front?!) I couldn’t help but notice that out of 14 pages of sport ‘news’, women only featured twice. The first was a photo of a Manly Sea Eagles cheerleader and the other was an old photo of Lara Bingle in her bikini. Enough said! At that moment I became inspired to seek ways in which I could help promote women in sport and also provide coverage of those lesser-known events that mainstream media don’t seem interested in. With government funding cuts directly resulting in reduced cover of women’s sport on TV and in the media, Sportzgirlz aims to fill that gap and be a strong advocate for increased exposure as well as providing news and results of women’s sporting events.

If you feel you can contribute to Sportzgirlz in anyway, please get in contact with us. Whether you have a story to be told, an event to advertise or would like to write for us we would love to hear from you! We are also keen to provide opportunities for people currently studying in the fields of journalism and sports media.

Lastly, our sportswomen are extremely talented and hardworking. Now more than ever, women deserve more coverage as greater and greater achievements are made and the standard of women’s sport continues to rise. It has to start somewhere and with your support, Sportzgirlz will make a significant contribution to raising the profile of women’s sport in Australia and be a loud and powerful voice advocating for our female sports stars and those of the future.

I’d love for you to join us as we make Sportzgirlz the first place people visit for credible and comprehensive women’s sports news and opinions.


Candice Freeman

Founder Sportzgirlz

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